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Professional Development

Together we can customize and design professional development workshops and coaching opportunities addressing specific teacher effectiveness and student learning needs within your school. 



  • Workshops

  • Arts Integrated Residencies 

  • Assessment Development

  • Coaching

  • Reflections

  • Collaborative Planning Sessions



  Classroom Teacher


    Teaching Artist






Image by Sean Sinclair

Courtney, 8th Grade Teacher

Laurin Dunleavy came to my summer program and transformed the culture of typical summer school. Kids who were normally reluctant to get assistance in academic areas of need began to crave coming to our summer program just to see what Laurin had planned. Her rapport with the students in addition to the way she pulled  out the best in each individual child made the world of a difference.

Image by Sean Sinclair

Rebecca, Alliance Institue Program Manager

Laurin is an exemplary teaching artist with innovative lesson plans and high levels of student engagement. A true partner to classroom teachers, Laurin expertly answers any questions and assuages all concerns, making them feel comfortable in arts integration while still challenging them to step outside of their comfort zones. She is a joy to work with, and the Alliance Theatre is lucky to have Laurin on it's roster of teaching artists.  

Image by Sean Sinclair

6th Grade Parent, Sutton Middle

My son had Ms. Dunleavy this past Fall and she is our superhero because of how she went above and beyond to make sure all of her students -- especially those with special needs - were fully included in her class and their Winter performance. If you love to dance, Ms. Dunleavy would love to teach you regardless of your abilities. Ms. Dunleavy is a great teacher and, more importantly, she is a kind and accepting person!

Image by Sean Sinclair

Traniece, Senior North Atlanta Highschool

It has been 5 years since Mrs. Dunleavy has taught me and I still remember all the times she was there for me and helped me better myself and my craft.

Image by Sean Sinclair

Sawyer, Woodstock

 Highschool Teacher

Laurin has the uncanny ability to work with dancers of all ages and levels. She scaffolds the movements to push the dancer to reach their full potential without overwhelming them. She is precise, direct, and firm in her artistic vision and accepts nothing less than an artist’s best in a performance. I would highly recommend Laurin to anyone who wants the best choreographer and teacher on their team. 

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